Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year Starting Off Good

It's already the 4th of January and I'm not just sitting around, at least not too much. I've taken advantage of the sunny but cold days and I've managed to get three rides in since the beginning of 2013.
Over the last few weeks I've been riding the 700 more then the Expedition. During  those weeks, when not on the 700 I've been taking the Expedition on short rides with Betzi to the park for picnics when the weather cooperates. 
It's my goal to ride longer, faster and steeper miles riding the 700. It seems that riding the light 700 torments my hip much less then pulling 100 lbs of trailer and dog with my Expedition.
My average speed riding the 700 in the hills is routinely a little over 12 miles per hour on a 20 to 30 mile ride. The average gain per mile is generally between 80 and 105 feet. All the climbing I do rewards me with some sweet downhill runs on the fast 700. My maximum speed is always well over 40 miles per hour and sometimes a touch into 50 miles per hour.
Weather and family life permitting I plan on taking Betzi on a "picnic" ride to the park twice a week and try to get in two rides a week on the 700. I also have a to do list of rides I want to do this year but more about that later.
I'm turning 60 at the end of this year (December 20th) and I want to welcome the big SIX O feeling smug and strong. 

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