Monday, June 10, 2013

RAAM 2013 - Maria Parker

At the live RAAM press conference today Maria Parker had to put up with ignorant comments (lawn chair on wheels) from the moderator regarding recumbent bicycles. She handled it very well and nicely corrected him as needed. The video may still be available here. Maria Parker's portion of the interview starts at 15:15 minutes and again at 29:29 minutes.

Race starts tomorrow - support Maria!

RAAM Live tracking all racers

- Maria's personal live tracking at 3000 Miles to the Cure - Where's Maria?

RAAM Leader Board

- Maria Parker's Website 3000 Miles to the Cure


From Maria Parker's 3000 Miles to a Cure Facebook page.

6/13 "Every one is fine, but the van and two bikes are totaled. Will update as we can. Outside tuba city"

6/14 "WE ARE GOING TO DO THIS! Maria wants to get back on the bike and finish what we've started. In the next couple of hours, the crew will meet and outline exactly what we need to make this happen!

Due to damage to the vehicle and destruction of equipment, we can no longer officially participate in RAAM but we are still going to do what we set out to do. We are all so overwhelmed by the incredible outpouring of love and support from all of you. This is the power of WE. And WE have the power to end brain cancer."

6/14 (later in the day) "Against all the odds, Maria and the 3k team have been allowed back into Race Across America as a full competitor! That's right, Maria can still finish RAAM!" 

6/17 Post from Dan Fallon on his Training Blog regarding the incident. Dan Fallon was Maria Parker's crew chief prior to the incident and withdrew from the race, along with two other crew members.  (Read Dan's post here)

By Vic Armijo
Athens, Ohio
June 18, 2013

In the inspirational story of the year Maria Parker is now the overall leader of all the women solos, having come back from having her follow car rear-ended... (read more)

RAAM Facebook post
Maria Parker rolls on in first - what a comeback!

RAAM Facebook


Official, first place overall women's solo - 11days 24hours 54minutes

RAAM 2013 - Maria Parker's Amazing Comeback Victory from Jim Parkers blog at Part 1 of Maria Parkers RAAM story.

Roadbike Review's article on Maria. Race Across America's Near Death Experience

RAAM 2013 - The Rockies and the Plains from Jim Parkers blog at Part 2 of Maria Parkers RAAM story.

- Maria Parker's 3000 Miles to a Cure Facebook

RAAM Facebook 

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