Sunday, June 16, 2013

Minimizing Risk

I'm back on the road again with the 700. A little boring health issue which deserves no mention here kept me sidelined for a week. Then it took a couple of  extra days more to clear my head after Maria Parker's accident with her support van during the RAAM. 

Cycling incidents always give me reason to pause and examine how safely am I cycling. Under what circumstances should I not compete with a ton of fast moving steel being driven by someone who's driving skill is unknown? When should I opt to take a different route, ride at a different time or change up my routine entirely? Every cyclist should ask themselves "what risk am I willing to take to enjoy a ride, competition or a tour?".  

Unless one has a death wish the goal with any activity is to minimize risk. The perception of risk lies with the individual, and the level of risk that individual is willing accept in any given activity is a personal choice. The first thing I do before I put foot to pedal is to make sure my head is screwed on right. Unlike when I take a hike daydreaming is not an option when cycling on the road. My head has to be in the game. If I'm not visually communicating with drivers then at the least I'm watching them. Any driver that I can't make eye contact with I assume they don't see me. As for safety equipment that is a topic onto it's own and the subject of much debate. I have confidence in the choices I've made regarding safety equipment. Let it suffice to say they I don't compromise with my choice of safety devices to save a few dollars.

I feel I have done everything I reasonably can to be as save as possible when cycling on the road. I have good reason to be around for awhile and it's not all selfish. 

Ride safe and demand it of those you ride with. 

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