Solvang Prelude-No Pre Ride Beer Permitted

I emailed the organizers of the November 1st Solvang Prelude a question about trikes. I've heard of some cycling events claiming they are not prepared to provide SAG support for us three wheeled crazies. The Solvang Prelude folks are fine with three wheels, however I must share the response to my question about trikes. 
No disrespect intended towards Randy and the organizers of what I hear is a great event. It's the well-intentioned comments from traditional cyclists (that out number us  a zillion to one) that provide fodder for our triker humor. It's all in good fun that I post the following:
My Question
You okay with recumbent trikes riding the Prelude.

Response from Solvang Prelude
Hi Mark
No problem as long as your vehicle does not sway side-to-side.
If pedals like any bike............fine.
My Reply
Hey Randy,
Does that mean no pre-ride beer?   
Thank's for getting back to me, see ya.
My sway.
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Randy's Response
Hi Mark:
Your bike is fine.
You...........I'm not so sure about!
See you in November
I agree!!!


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