Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Expedition Upgraded to 10 Speed

Every gear inch counts when towing 100lbs of dog and trailer with my Expedition with it's 26" rear tire. Upgrading to a 10 speed cassette gave me an extra gear inch on the low end. To get my gear inches lower and get back some of the lost gear inches on the high end I would have to go to an internal gearing mechanism like the Schlumpf drive. Right now I prefer a setup that is user and local bike shop friendly if a repair is needed while on the road. 




  1. Hi Mark as a fellow Expedition owner I was wondering what you changed to achieve this and any issues you may have had. Cheers Simon

    1. Simon, I only had to install a ten speed cassette and change the chain to a ten speed chain. The old 9 shifters were already set to friction instead of indexed. They never worked well as indexed shifters anyway. Now I just have to see how well the ten speed performs over time when towing 100 lbs of trailer and dog.

    2. The friction shifting makes sense now not such a big upgrade. I found my indexing was bad as well until I 're-routed the shifter housing, I found using the back if the mesh seat would cause it to bind up. After 're doing it with cable ties loosely so the housing can move freely it now indexes nicely.