Monday, February 17, 2014

Riding Again With My Trik'n Buddy

First ride with Betzi since I had my hips replaced. During hip recovery I've been riding the 700, it's light and oh so fun. Towing Betzi is a big step up in weight. It's been exactly 8 weeks since getting my new left hip and 4 and 1/2 months for the right. It's time to get my triking buddy back on the road so I took her out for a short ride today. So good to have the ole girl join me on a ride!!

Ma Doggie

My rig...Catrike Expedition and Doggyride trailer.

Happy dog working off a few lbs she gained over the last few months.

Happy dog...happy triker...that's all folks.


  1. How did you get you dog to like riding in the trailer? Mine keeps wanting to hop out and seems very anxious about the ride. He wants to go but thinks he can ride in my lap! on the recumbant trike, that won't work as he is 36" long and 25 Lbs.

    1. It was easy. I crate trained her as pup so she hopped right in and she never tried to get out. Now she wants to get into the trailer before I'm ready to leave. As for the actual ride she was a little unsure as first. I took her in the trailer down to the local school parking lot on a Sunday afternoon and did laps around the lot until she settled in. Probably with a little time and perseverance your guy will settle in as well and come to love his rides as much as my Betzi does.