Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Millennials Fail to Vote

As more cyclists combine cycling and mass transit it becomes increasingly important to support light rail.

More here at Urbanful

Millennials demand public transportation, but lose out by skipping the voting booth

On November 2nd, Urbanful put out an article on how millennials’ transportation habits are changing the way cities plan for the future; on November 5th, it became clear that millennial’s voting habits have an equally profound effect on public policy, in the opposite direction.
High profile ballot initiatives on a proposed light rail in Austin, TX and increased funding for transit projects in St. Petersburg and Gainesville, FL went down to defeat amid low voter turnout from 18-29 year olds.

Overall, it was a mixed night for such measures in cities across the country, and results were similarly ambivalent on the state level. This equivocal outcome for transportation policy would be of little note on an eventful election night had it not conflicted with the trend documented at the beginning of this article as well as preliminary poling.

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