Sunday, November 9, 2014

Solvang Prelude 2014

The Solvang Prelude (starting in "Pea Soup" Buellton) is the "Prelude" to the larger ride event, the Solvang Century in March. It's organized by the SCOR (Specialized Coronary Outpatient Rehabilitation) Bike Club.  The Prelude takes you through the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley wine country. There was a choice of three rides Metric Century , Half Century and 25 mile ride. Not knowing what to expect, still taking it easy on my new hips and especially wanting to have time to enjoy the wine country with Carrie I opted for the 25 mile ride.
This annual ride is the perfect ride for us trikers. Easy to ride back country roads with great scenery that can truly be enjoyed while laid back.
The 25 mile ride was a little short but it left me plenty of time to be with Carrie (my non-riding best bud and wife). 

Where else would you stay in Buellton? Pea Soup Anderson's is a good clean motel at a reasonable rate (especially for us seniors). Just 2 minutes away from the event area.

Pre-ride action the day before with my beautiful wife.

Ready to go for tomorrow's ride.

Just starting off down Mission Drive (HWY 246) headed to Solvang.

A short ride through Solvang. Solvang is a full on tourist town but it's hard not to get a kick out of it and escape reality for awhile.

There was a few short steep hills that forced a handful of riders to end up walkers. Poor guy in green up ahead has to walk his ride, a necessity that doesn't befall a triker. 

In the heart of Santa Ynez Valley wine country.

A reminder to self to come back later in the afternoon with Carrie to enjoy some vino. 

Catching up with some of the other cyclists. I wasn't trying to go fast but I paced with and passed a lot of cyclists. I love my 700. I'm constantly getting underestimated. That's half the fun of riding the 700.

Yours truly riding by the auto camera.

Well stocked rest stop...

...with more then enough toilets. Now if only the guys would learn to aim better.

A short bike path (the designated route) towards the end of the ride. This was a pretty little path that paralleled Mission Drive. Most riders opted to ride on Mission. Is it an ego thing? Give me the choice between a quiet empty path with trees or a busy highway and you'll find me on the path

End of the ride beer with Carrie at the event festival. 

Now back to Buttonwood Farm. We skip the wine tasting ritual and go straight to a full glass of fermented grape goodness and find a place to sit and enjoy. Some wineries only offer "wine tasting" and don't accommodate us non-connoisseurs who just want a glass of wine to enjoy without  pretense.

This is how to drink wine. The Avant restaurant at the Terraavant Winery in Buellton gives you a wine credit card to use doing your meal. You put the card into the wine vending machines and poor a taste, half or full glass or mix up your wines (my option). 

The Solvang Prelude is the perfect event ride for trkers but I was the only trike...I was the only recumbent. It has good ride options and beautiful country to enjoy during while riding in laid back comfort. After the ride you can enjoy the Danish vibe of Solvang, wineries of the Santa Ynez Valley country or down some cold brews at the Solvang Brewery and Firestone Brewery.


  1. Super nice, Mark! What a great ride. Jodi and I will have to check out the Solvang some time. We're getting pretty excited about our big Lone Pine to Vegas run in December. We've got the GTT dialed in, I think. Just waiting on some panniers, which should arrive this week.

    1. Hopefully you'll be posting the new adventure on CGOAB.