Friday, May 1, 2015

BB7 Brake Pad Spring Fail

While riding through a construction area at 25+ mph a nasty high pitch grinding sound suddenly comes from my left front wheel. I thought my wheel was disintegrating.  I got over to the curb fast, stood up and lifted my trike onto the curb. I realized the sound was coming from the brake. After my efforts to adjust the pads showed no promise I looked a deeper and saw the gouged BB7 brake pad and mangled spring. I took off the wheel, took out the pads and rode with one brake to a place where Carrie could come bail me out. Riding with one brake is doable but not safe.

The road was extremely rough, more like a washboard, and I should've taken it a little slower...but I didn't. The vibration must have shaken the spring loose and it got between the pads and the rotor (rotor is fine). I went to buy two new sets of BB7 brake pads at my LBS. The mechanic told me that it is rare to have a brake pad spring fail. But the chance of failure increases has the pads wear down. My pads were at a little less then 50%.

It's easy to replace the BB7 pads, even while on the road.  I'll add a set of new pads to my on board tool kit.

Damaged spring and pads

New BB7 pads and spring.

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