Sunday, May 24, 2015

Schwalbe One 28/622

Now that I have the Kojak/DT Swiss XR331 wheelset ready to go on my Catrike 700 "Black" when riding rough roads, I decided to try a new tire with the American Classic Aero wheel for the tame roads.

I swapped out the Schwalbe 23/622 Ultremo with a Schwalbe One 28/622 on the light Aero wheel. The trend towards wider racing tires convinced me to give the 28mm tire a try. It seems that larger is not necessarily slower. In racing it's now felt that a 25mm is the fastest tire for both racing and time trials.

The 28/622 Schwalbe One is more comfortable then the old 23/622 Ultremo without any noticeable loss in speed. It also holds a straighter line with less rear end shimmy when riding fast on not so smooth roads.  

Having the 28/622 on the Aero opens up more riding situations where I'll want to use it.

As for speed...there is a downhill run close to my home that is nearly a mile long with smooth pavement. I use it to judge speed. At 35 mph I stop spinning and let gravity take over. The front tires are Schwalbe 23/406 Ultremos. This year I have used three different tires on the rear and two different rims and hubs..

Here are the best max speeds for each tire and wheel;

50.0 mph - 23/622 Schwalbe Ultremo with American Classic rim and hub.
50.2 mph - 28/622 Schwalbe One with American Classic rim and hub.
47.2 mph - 35/622 Schwalbe Kojak with DT Swiss rim and hub.

The only way to go a little faster (without a fairing) would be to ditch the baggy wind catching shorts and slip on some Lycra. I'll try it one day.
23/622 Schwalbe Ultremo with American Classic Aero

28/622 Schwalbe One with American Classic Aero

35/622 Kojak with DT Swiss 

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