Saturday, October 10, 2015

Acorns and Tires

This is the time of year when the streets get showered with acorns. Of course they end up in the bicycle lane and it's not always possible to avoid them. Running over them usually doesn't cause a problem. But with lighter tires it's possible to crunch one just right and end up on the side of the road replacing a tube. 

Valley Oak Acorns

Coast Live Oak acorn and the larger Valley Oak acorn

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  1. White and red oaks are dropping their acorns here in Ohio. The real scourge are the walnuts that have been falling the past few weeks. With the thick hull still on the nut they are about the size of a racket ball. They are easy to see but if the tree really dropped a bunch of them avoidance is a real challenge. Even a glancing blow is quite a jolt!