Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Evolution of My Rides

My first trike, a Catrike Expedition. I spend the first year riding solo, no doggie.

For the next three years most of my rides  were with Betzi towed behind my Catrike Expedition. Obviously weight was of no concern back then

During the three years from 2010 to 2013 I would occasionally ride my Catrike 700 (16" front wheels). It was on one of those occasions back in 2011 that I had a heart attack while riding the 700. I was pushing hard and a piece of plaque broke off inside my LAD and put an end to my ride that day.

Catrike 700 (16" front wheels)

2014 to present
In 2014 I traded in my old Catrike 700 for the new Catrike 700 with the 20" from wheels. Having had both hips replaced at the end of 2013 I opted for a lighter ride and I eventually sold my Catrike Expedition in favor of riding the 700.

Thinking I still wanted to take short tours sometime in the near future I purchased a second Catrike 700 that I dubbed "Red". I set it up for touring but soon came to the realization that I like to ride light and fast and be done in time to catch "Happy Hour" with Carrie. I soon sold "Red".

And here I am at the recent Cool Breeze Century enjoying my Catrike 700.  I've settled into a style of riding that makes riding my Catrike 700 a pure joy. 

And on my right is the man that is responsible for my introduction into the world of recumbent triking, Dana Lieberman the owner of Bent Up Cycles.

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