Thursday, October 1, 2015

Filling a Water Bottle 101

Filling up a water bottle from a typical water fountain is not always easy. Keep a cup with you if you want to get that water bottle filled up. I have a titanium cup stored away on my trike. The titanium cup weighs in at whopping 2.4 grams (0.084 ounces).
The other day I was watching a group of cyclists trying to fill up their water bottles at a water fountain. After observing this comical affair I decided to post the following tidbit of information for the thirsty triker.
Typical piss stream of water coming out of the park's water fountain.
Three plus cups of water later and the ole bottle is full.
Make  use of an empty water cup. Fill it with a toolset and other necessities.

Keep all the stuff inside the cup with the top of an old cutoff sock.

Finally...stored away in the Catrike sidebar and ready to roll.

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