Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Stuff Adds Up

I like my trike to be as light as possible while still having the tools to handle basic repairs and a few odds and ends to accommodate personal needs while on the road. Light means fun, fast and easy on the titanium hips. But...over time the stuff just seems to add up. It's easy to accumulate stuff when you have room to store it. I thinned out the accumulation of stuff and no longer use the Catrike side bags except for winter riding when I need a place to store clothes as I warm up. Everything fits in the under seat compartments and in a container that fits in the front bottle holder. And the Topeak Mini Morph tire pump still fits in it's dedicated holder under the seat.

I went from to this 

 to this and cut out 2.6 lbs (1,179g)

I also went with a smaller and lighter toolset and Leatherman multitool. For the sake of storage I replaced my titanium cup (for filling water bottles) with a collapsible cup. 

The total weight of my trike with all the "stuff" is now 37.7 lbs (17.1 kg). The weight of the trike stripped but ready to ride with it's current component package and extra long boom is 29.6 lbs (13.4 kg)

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