Friday, April 5, 2019

ICE Sprint FS E8000 Ordered

I took a test ride on an ICE equipped with Shimano's E8000 pedal assist. It was so much fun I ordered an ICE Sprint E8000 form Dana at Bent Up Cycles right there on the spot. 

I want to go farther and I'm bored with taking forever on long ascents. I climb slow to save my hip muscles from with arguing me.

Since Catrike says they have no plans in the works for an e-trike of any kind I decided to fork out the extra dollars for an ICE with the E8000. A quality pedal assist backed up by two reliable companies, ICE and Shimano, fits my needs perfectly.

Why pedal assist? I still like pedaling and I didn't  want any kind of assist with a throttle. Also I didn't want a trike that has the motor built into the rear hub like the Copenhagen wheel that would create drag when free pedaling or coasting.

On a personal level my rides generally are limited to 30 miles or 1,000 feet of gain whichever comes first. Issues with botched hip replacements back in 2013 has forced me to impose limits on myself to avoid paying for it with discomfort or pain later in the day or the next day. Also a partially atrophied right calf muscle (nerve damage from the anterior hip replacement method) causes some cramping in my shin muscle after a long ride. Manageable but annoying.

So...a pedal assist makes a lot since for longer rides and steeper rides. Along with the assist I ordered electronic shifting which is integrated into the E8000 control panel.

I'll keep my Catrike 700 for shorter fast rides and eventually sell my Catrike Expedition.

Now I just have to wait. Ugh

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