Monday, April 24, 2017


Taking a break in Harmony on the Central Coast

Old Post Office

Harmony Cellars Winery

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I Don't Like Guardrails

I'm always scanning for places to bail out in the event of an errant car or truck. If there is ever a time I might feel a bit uncomfortable it's when riding next to a guardrail. Fortunately where I ride there are few guardrails and wide shoulders. Also cyclists are a common sight along the Central Coast. Safety in numbers.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

By the Bay

Hanging in San Fransisco. I would not ride a trike or bike in the heart of this City. Riding a trike on the downtown streets of SF would be real challenge to say the least.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Down to One Car

Down to one car. At least for now.

I'm getting good at stuffing the 700 into our Ford C-Max plug in. The plug in C-Max has a rather large battery tucked away in the trunk. It would be easier without the battery taking up so much room but I've managed to make it work. After becoming confident in my "stuffing the trike into a small car skills" I sold the Ford Escape that has severed me well for 10 years.

I'm considering an all small electric vehicle (or possibly a e-assist trike) for myself for getting around town. For now we'll just give it a go with one car. 

Goodbye old beast of burden.
Picture from January 2011
Byron's been living on his own for the last three years while studying film. And Leili, now 17, has been living in San Francisco for the last 2 years and dancing with the SF Ballet. So it's just Carrie and me and no need for 2 cars.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

New Low Gear

After a year of cycling on the Central Coast it has become clear that I need at least one more low gear for some of the steeper roads of the Central Coast. I replaced my small 28t ring with a 26t small ring. This required a change in the large chainring from a 52t to a 50t and taking two links off the chain to maintain good chain tension. Even with that done and using a 36/11 cassette the rear derailleur is maxed out. Going small (small chainring)/small (small cassette cog) leaves the chain sagging a bit. But since there is no reason to go small/small it's not a concern.

I added a inner chainring guard to keep the chain in line when dropping down from the 39t to the 26t. Under normal riding conditions with a well tuned derailleur dropping the chain from the 39t to the 26t works fine. However experience has taught me that when rattling around on rough roads the chain can drop off the small chainring while shifting. Therefore the addition of the inner chainring guard. The extra weight is minimal.

The outer guard is to protect me from poking myself and Carrie when the boom and chainring is between the front seats when the trike is loaded in the car. It also serves a second purpose-it shuts down the roadies who like to complain about the dangers of getting impaled on the exposed chainring.

The sacrifice I make on the high end will be made up on the low end with happier legs on the climbs.

Inner chain guard (Volae Granny Guard), 26t, 39t, 50t and Outer chain guard (Driveline)

The small Salsa (on left) and Blackspire (in middle) chainrings have an asymmetrical offset of the teeth. It's just enough to cause the chain to drop or get wedged between chainrings depending on the way you install them. The Vuelta (on right) chainring teeth are centered on the chainring and allow for smooth shifting on the FSA crank.

Crank mounted, two chain links removed, derailleur lowered, cable adjusted and chain lubed. Ready to ride.

Using a 35/622  rear tire (for rougher roads)

Using a 28/622  rear tire

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Kojak and Chip Seal

In my last post from March 10th I stated that I usually avoid riding north of Cambria on Highway 1 because of the chip seal. Well I rode north for the the second time in a row. I wanted to try the ride using the Kojak on the rear at 60psi on the rough road (see Speed, Comfort and Tires 8/3/16). Using the Kojak on the rear smoothed out the chip seal a bit. But chip seal (even though mitigated by CalTrans) is still chip seal. There's no doubt it wears you out faster. But the Central Coast is beautiful and worth an occasional ride North of Cambria.

Kojak 35/622 on the rear while keeping the Durano 28/406s on the front.

Destination ahead, San Simeon Pier.

San Simeon Pier, Time for a snack.

Friday, March 10, 2017

San Simeon

I headed North of Cambria on Highway 1 for a change. The chip seal north of Cambria, even though mitigated, is still a bit rough. It's not so much the rough ride as it is the constant vibration, especially at higher speeds. After awhile you get used to it. At least it's not nearly as bad as when some brain dead engineers at CalTrans back in 2013 decided chip seal on a popular bicycle route was a good idea. 

Using 28mm tires at low pressure on my 700 makes the ride enjoyable and still reasonably fast.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Taking Advantage of the Sunny Days

No rain, no wind, blue sky and a nice 65 degrees. Some clouds expected this weekend followed by more days of winter sun. 
Time to get some miles in and enjoy the Central Coast.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Not a Cloud in the Sky

Finally nothing but blue sky for a few days. Although a stiff breeze makes pedaling a little more demanding it's good to be out enjoying the Central Coast sunshine

Friday, February 17, 2017

Rain, Rain, Rain

 I'll have to wait until Thursday. Oh well.
My 700 will have to stay dry in the garage.
With all the rain this season I've had more then enough time to maintain my 700. It's a well maintained trike that's been spending a lot of time in the garage this rainy season.

Watching the rain

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Central Coast Sunshine

First ride this month. Just two much rain lately. But the sun made it out this morning.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Red Brake Cable Housing

It's raining today, so I did a little trike maintenance. I added a little color to my brakes with red cable housing.

I also replaced the foam grips, hand rests and derailleur cables. The ole 700 also got a good cleaning while it was up on the work stand. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Monday, January 30, 2017

Sometimes I Need to Unplug

There are times when you just need to unplug. 

I prefer to avoid political discourse on my blog but these are exceptional times and I want to make a point and then move on and take a ride.

It's no secret that my values are progressive and the current state of affairs have made it harder for me to ignore reality and enjoy a ride. Events, that are rapidly unfolding and have serious consequences, are making it increasingly necessary for me to stay in touch with current events as they unfold. I feel Carrie and I can weather any political storm but I have five children and nine grandchildren whose future I don't want dictated by tyrants. I am committed to knowing the facts, not the "alternative facts",  I feel that now it's more important then ever before to be prepared to talk to my children and their children.

I will not let up on calling out those who quote false facts and equivalents. Also I am not letting up on letting my elected officials know how I feel and to encourage others to get involved in American democracy regardless of political affiliation.

What I will do is find the time to unplug and take a ride. With renewed energy I can more easily stay involved.

Ride on but stay involved

Sunday, January 22, 2017


Another day of rain. 
Another day of not riding. 
Collecting driftwood during a short break in the rain.
The storm has left plenty of driftwood on Central Coast Beaches.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Schwalbe Durano 28/406

I'm giving the Schwalbe Durano's a try on the front. The 406 (20") Schwalbe One's only come in  the 23/406 size. And the Kojaks come in 35/406. I want a little larger tire, but not as large as the Kojak 35/406s. I'm trying the Schwalbe Durano 28/406s on front while keeping the Schwalbe One 28/622 on the rear. I'm looking for a more durable and better priced tire for the rougher Central Coast roads. I'm hoping the speed loss is minimal.

The bottle cage on the boom holds my JBL Charge speaker.

My first ride with the Durano 28/406s up front seem to be nearly as comfortable as the 35/406 Kojaks. The 23/406 Schwalbe Ones I was using were like rocks. Just about anything is more comfortable then the Ones.

I'll need a few more rides to to be able judge the speed of the Duranos vs the Ones on the Central Coast roads. My initial impression is good. Given the varied conditions of the roads on the Central Coast the speed of the Duranos seem to compare well with the skinner Ones. Time will tell.

Friday, January 13, 2017

First Ride of the New Year

a break in the rain and I'm able to take the first ride of the new year. And a beautiful sunny day it was on the Central Coast. Cool by California standards, low fifties.