Monday, August 1, 2011

Cool Breeze Century - Recumbent Style

28 "bent up" bike and trike riders have already signed up for the Cool Breeze Century in Ventura, CA and more are expected!! 

Registration is still open
Ride date: Saturday, August  20th
Read more about the Cool Breeze and sign up here: Cool Breeze Century

Thanks to the efforts of Joel Roberts and Dana at Bent Up Cycles recumbent riders from Ventura to Orange County will be joining the ride. This is a great opportunity to show off our rides and to let everyone know that we're cyclists too! 

Click here for: Cool Breeze routes
The Mini Metric and the Metric seem to be the most popular for the "bents" that have signed up already.
Mini Metric 38 miles, 300+ gain
Metric 60 miles, 1500+ gain
Century 100 miles, 3,500+ gain
Double metric, 124 miles, 8,500+ gain

I'll post updates as we approach the ride date Saturday, August 20th.

Bent Up Cycles RAAM Announcement 

"Official RAAM team announcement. Dana Lieberman, Allan Duhm (FL), Chris Kaiser (NC), and Larry Graham (OH) are forming a team to compete in RAAM 2012. Alex Miller (TN) is our first alternate and Team Administrator. Watch for more announcements in coming weeks and ways you can get involved. Woo hoo! Here we go again! :)" Dana Lieberman

Picture from 2010 RAAM

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