Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cool Breeze Century - Past Recumbents

I checked out the CIBC website to see if I could find pictures of recumbents from previous Cool Breeze Centuries. Here they are...all two of them.

2010 Cool Breeze

One trike surrounded by wedgies

Here you go...a close up. See her now?
I don't know who this young lady is but hopefully she'll show up for the 2011 Cool Breeze. At least she won't be a lone triker this year.

2009 Cool Breeze

I don't know who's riding this LWB bike but hopefully he'll come out for the 2011 Cool Breeze as well.

Maybe there were more "bent" riders in past years but the pictures don't tell much. This years pictures should tell a different story. We'll have plenty of  bent up cycles for the lens to capture!!
 Our "bent up" leader Joel has also arranged to have pictures taken. I also expect a cool video out of Glenn Frank from Orange County. Take a look at Glen's Videos

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