Sunday, August 28, 2011

Byron Gets a 700

I finally gave in and bought Byron his own Catrike 700. Changing the setup on my 700 so Byron could ride it was becoming a hassle and it was wearing out the front derailleur cable. Awhile ago I bought him a standard diamond frame bicycle but he still preferred to ride the 700. He  rides a mountain bike on the dirt but on the road and trails the 700 is too much fun to ride.

With about $300 worth of parts that I had already accumulated for Byron to use on my 700 (boom, crank, pedals and front derailleur) and an old headrest I was was able to keep the cost under control with Dana's help at Bent Up Cycles. 

JV handing the 700 over to  Byron

Yesterday we ventured into the depths of the San Fernando Valley with it's triple digit temps and terrible traffic that caused some colorful language to escape my pursed lips and find it's way to Byron's innocent teenager ears. Finally we walk into an air conditioned Bent Up Cycles to be greeted by JV and Kate. Off to the side sat Byron's new ride. We packed the 700 into my car and reluctantly said goodbye to JV and headed back into the bowels of the San Fernando Valley and headed home. We soon left the San Fernando Valley and entered the cooler temps of the Conejo Valley and our home in Agoura Hills with Byon's new Catrike 700.

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