Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cool Breeze Century - The Ride

at the Cool Breeze.

It was a great day for a ride. A marine layer at the beach kept it cool. I'm not sure how many "bent" riders actually showed up but it seemed to be close to 30 and I can say we made a good showing. Of course we got our share of looks but from my prospective it all seemed positive. All in all Joel Roberts did a fantastic job of pulling a bunch of riders together.

Bents start showing up for the ride.

Pictures being taken. There's a Cruzbike in our group. See it?

Joel arranged to have the whole thing put on video. Video cam on the left.

Joel is leading the choir...not really, just lining everyone up for a group photo.

Joel still sharing words of wisdom.

Ready to go!! There's Joel standing in the middle waiting for me to get back so he can take a picture. I'm a coming.

We be ready!!

Uh...can we go now?

JV is in no hurry.

We're moving!!

Make room boys..."bents" coming through.

We made it to the official start line.  More pictures and video being taken or the two folks in  middle of the street just like to sit in traffic.

Finally on the road...well bike path.

Now we're on the road.

Back onto another bike path that runs along Hwy 101.

More pictures and video links coming soon.

Joel, let's do it again next year!!
I cannot tell a lie, I only road for 5 miles and then turned back. Two weeks ago my right hip bit the dust (back in April it was my left hip). I'll have surgery in a couple of weeks. I did not want to miss this large gathering of "bents" so I at the very least I showed up to meet everyone, take photos and take a short ride before turning back. Having to turn around and watch the rest of the riders disappear off into the morning gloom was very disappointing and hard to do but I couldn't get much cooperation out of my lousy hip. It was a lonely ride back. Two months from now I'll be as good as new (well at least in working order) and I'll be ready for next year's round of Century rides. 

Proof that I was at the ride. Nobody has to tell how many miles I rode.

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