Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Catrike Seats

My old style padded Catrike seats were all twisted up and it made my trikes look cheap. Even though they performed well, for what I spent on my rides I at least expect the seats to fit properly. The seats on my Expedition and 700 twisted in opposite directions thus eliminating the thought that I have a twisted riding style. Furthermore the twisting issue was not exclusive to my trikes. After doing a little research I discovered that the first generation padded seats were having a problem with twisting. I contacted Catrike and they asked me to first try to make some adjustments...which I did. It didn't work and in addition some of the adjustment buckles on the back of the seats were maxed more strap to tighten. In the end Catrike sent me new second generation padded seats for both my Expedition and 700. THANK YOU CATRIKE!

The Old Seats

The New Seats. No Twisting After One Ride. 
Good Start!

UPDATE 9/26/11 - On my Expedition I've taken the new seat for four rides already and it's holding it's shape. Yea! 

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