Friday, September 30, 2011

Ride with Byron in Ventura

My son Byron and I drove out to Ventura to catch the beginning of the Ventura River Trail and head up to Ojai along the Ojai Valley Trail. The marine layer cleared just as we began our ride and it made for a great day. The ride didn't go as planned but...just look at the pictures.

Although the Ventura River Trail (VRT) parallels the Ventura River the predominant view is of an industrial nature. At one time this area was home to a substantial oil field. Old straight drilled pumps dot the area. Some are still pumping but slowly. Riding along on this old rail road bed next to worn out tanks, oil pumps, trucking, industrial fabricaters and so on provide an interesting glimpse into the past history of this area. The ride along this area in the cool ocean air can at times seem surreal. Why does Mad Max come to mind?

The Ojai Valley Trail was closed. Come on folks you didn't post this on your Ventura County Parks Facebook page. With the VRT behind us I was ready for  a nice ride under the trees to Ojai. Think, think...let's go to the beach and have a picnic.

Making our way back down the VRT to the beach.

Wow!! This ain't so bad. A day at the beach with my son, a picnic lunch...

...and a Long Board competition to entertain us.

Beautiful day.

Time to pack up and head home. Some of the best times in life are a result of a detour.

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