Monday, March 26, 2012

New Speakers

I ordered a speaker for my new iPad from Logitech (Logitech Tablet Speaker). After getting it I decided to give it a try on trike instead. I hooked it up to my iPhone and the sound quality was superior to the Biologic speaker that I've been using. I kept it on my trike and opted to use earphones with my iPad for now.

Pros and cons of the new Logitech.
- 8 hour battery life compared to 40 hours with Biologic running on 2 AA batteries.
- Not weather resistant. In bad weather I won't be listening to music anyway.
- Internal rechargeable battery.
- Better overall sound with no breakup at high volume as with the Biologic.
- Easily fits behind the headrest of my trike. Lower volume required to hear good sound.
- Easy to remove.Same with the Biologic.

I would much rather have the better sound quality then long battery life and weather proofing. I'll just recharge the battery after each ride just like I recharge my light batteries after each ride. It's a luxury item anyway so if the battery goes dead on a long ride I'll live. Only time will tell how it holds up.

Gotta have some tunes to ride with on a clear and sunny spring day.

The old Biologic speaker hooked up to my iPhone.
The old Biologic speaker.

The new Logitech speaker set up behind my seat.

The Logitech speaker secured with small DiNotte O-rings.

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  1. Sweet setup Mark. The trike is the perfect platform for adding electronics. Not having to balance frees up some attention for devices. If I had a trike I'd be mounting a ham radio transmitter and Morse Code key!