Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gotta Have Music

I gotta have music while cruising on my trike and towing Betzi with nothing but sky above my head.

Music and being outdoors has always been an important part of my much so that in 2008 I created and published a CD of my own music that expresses my love of the natural world. 

Music provided an escape from an unpleasant childhood. Discovering hiking and the great outdoors in the 1970's got me through stupid choices I made in my early adulthood. Music, the outdoors and my first three kids helped me maintain my sanity...or at least some remnants of it. The true joy of life didn't really kick in until I met my beautiful wife Carrie in 1993 followed by two more kids, Byron and Leili. 

Recumbent cycling has replaced long hikes but I still have nothing but sky over my head. When taking a cruise on my laid back trike I crank up the tunes and take a subliminal journey back in time with some classic rock including a  hair band or two in the mix. It also helps to mitigate the unnatural street sounds. When I come across a quiet path the tunes are shut down and I enjoy natures symphony.

My baby boomer playlist pretty much consists of classic rock, new rock by aging classic rockers, "new age" from the likes of Peter Kater and Carlos Nakai and whatever live music is playing in the local pub.

PS;  When I made my cd Touch the Earth back in 2008 I had no intention of making money...only music. I get pleasure out of giving my cd away. I've even given them away in bulk so other friends could sell them and help supplement their income. I don't need the money, I just want to share the music. Drop me an email at with an address or send me a PM on my Facebook and I'll send you a cd at no cost. All sales are final  : )


  1. How is the ticker doing? Hope you are feeling much better. Jim

    1. Thanks for asking. I'm doing great. Now it's just the usual aches and pain that come with getting old and staying active.