Busted Chain

My first ride after two weeks of not riding ended with a broken chain haft way through the ride. Not just a link but about 8" of chain got mangled. With the chain shorten I ended up limping home with 8 usable gears. My lowest granny gear was not one of them. I had an extra short section of chain but I only had five miles to go so I opted for the quick fix.

I've been off the trike for two weeks. The first few days I had to take it easy because of a sore hip. That was followed by 10 days dealing with a nasty chest cold. I decided that today was the day to get my butt back in the saddle and do an easy and short 12 mile ride with Betzi. The short ride ended up taking a little longer as my chain let go while starting up a steep incline from a stand still. I think that my derailluer was between gears when I chopped down on the pedals. So I'll take the blame. I could blame it on 80 pounds of dog and trailer but that wouldn't be fair to Betzi.

Good part of the story is that I was in the park when it happened and not on a busy street. I took out the mangled part of the chain and installed a quick link, straighten out the chain tube and idler bottom bar.

But...I forgot to take a couple of pictures of my mashed up chain. I was having so much fun getting my fingers all greasy that I just didn't think of pictures.

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