Saturday, March 10, 2012

How Not to Lose Your Flag

I've lost a couple of flags in the past. About one year ago I tried this simple idea to secure the flag on my trikes. It worked and I haven't lost a flag since. 

The Purple Sky flag comes in two sections. I epoxied the two pole sections into the coupling that connects the two sections.  Being able to take the flag apart is less of a concern then losing the flag.
Good ole DiNotte O rings. The base of the quick release prevents the Catrike flag holder from swinging any further back. 
The same bolt that secures the flag holder is long enough  to  provide a point to attach the DiNotte O ring to the trike.  On the side that the O ring attaches I use a washer, nut (covered by O ring), another washer and finally a locking nut.
I used a small piece of an old tire tube around the flag post and secured it with zip ties to provide a non-slip  point of attachment for the DiNotte O ring.

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