Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pictures of the 700

These are the latest pictures of my 700 after putting it on a diet (Taking Weight Off the 700).

I cut the top of the boom mast off. I never used the horizontal mounting bar at the top of the mast.

400L front light with 2 cell lithium battery on the boom. I reduced a little weight by going from a 4 cell to a 2 cell battery.  I'm comfortable running the front light on medium during the day.

400L DiNotte light with 4 cell lithium battery that I have on high whenever I ride. The elastic band on the red bottle cage is an O ring from  DiNotte lights. I put two together and use them to secure my water bottom while riding. No more going back for dropped bottles!1

With the iPhone mounted for GPS.

Without the iPhone for most of the rides where GPS is not needed.

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  1. Nice machine Mark! That is a trike to be proud of for sure. I like those Catrike bags. They give a clean look and functionality too -a combination sometimes hard to find.