Saturday, March 2, 2013

Back to Topeak

Arkel TailRider
I've been using the Arkel TailRider Truck Bag for a long while now and I've decided to switch back to the Topeak MTX Trunk Bag DXP. It is a heaver bag but has more space. It's a taller bag and shorter then the Arkel. Unlike the Arkel it's a rigid bag that holds it shape.

They're both good bags but the Topeak has a few features that I was missing in the Arkel bag.
1. The fold out panniers on the Topeak bag are nice to have available when I'm riding without my Ortlieb panniers.
2. More space and easy to store bulky items in the truck like main compartment.
3. Super easy to slide the bag off the rack and carry it with me. 
4. There's a mesh top that provides a perfect place to put my Spot Messenger.
5. The bag has a bottle holder at the rear that I use for a 4 cell battery for my DiNotte light.

Topeak MTX Trunk Bag DXP

Fold down pannier.

The yellow clip holds the bag firmly to the Topeak rack.

Push the clip down and the bag slides easily off the rack.

There's room for odds and ends in the compartment that holds the folding pannier.

Topeak MTX - Capacity 1,380 cubic inches. Weight 2.53 lbs.

Arkel TailRider - Capacity 944 cubic. inches. Weight 1.46 lbs.

After saying all the above I'm back with Arkel and Ortlieb...for now. I'll probably switch again later, oh well. The Ortliebs are great for throwing in clothes, food, dog paraphernalia and other assorted unnecessary stuff and you don't have to be neat about it.

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