Sunday, March 10, 2013

Uneventful Week

The last week has been relatively uneventful, so I took some pictures of my uneventful ride with Betzi today. Uneventful can be very relaxing.

Byron getting Betzi warmed up for a ride.

Ready to go.

Pushing off from home and headed down our hill.

Lindero Canyon, very little traffic on Sundays.

Photo op at the school pull out.

View from Lindero and Kanan. Time to get over in the left lane and head up Kanan

Back on Lindero in the residential area with nice wide bike lanes.
The view from the seat of a trike...nothing but butt.

MUP through Oak Canyon Park.

Our picnic table awaits us down the path.

Taking it easy.

It's good to know where the bathrooms are, people don't take kindly to a friendly triker watering the shrubs.

Betzi in the mirror.

Almost home, time to take the last 1/3 mile up hill. What a way to finish every ride

At home...I hand off Betzi to Byron while Leili sits on top of Carrie's car and gives it a wash.

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