Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Steintrike in My Future?

My Catrikes are awesome rides but there is one thing they can't do for me...take me into the back country of the Santa Monica Mountains on the many fire roads and trails virtually steps away from my home. Starting in the late 70"s I logged many long miles hiking the Santa Monica Mountains. As my body and joints started to let me down I tried mountain biking in 2000. It was a bit easier on the joints but not on the mind. I'm an avid day dreamer, day dreaming and hiking are meant for each other, day dreaming and cycling on two wheels in the mountains...not good. A couple of broken ribs and a torn shoulder and my year long mountain biking experiment was over. Plus it wasn't that comfortable. So I accepted that three to four mile hikes would be my future. Let the younger folk do the 15 to 20 mile hikes to the more isolated and cool places in the Santa Monica Mountains. 

In 2009 I was introduced to recumbent trikes and that took my mind off the mountains. I was getting physical again, going far and enjoying the ride. HOLD ON...why can't I do it all? Why not an occasional MTT (Moutain Trike) ride? Maybe the Steintrike with it's beefy suspension can get me back on the trails in the Santa Monica Mountains. Veeery interesting...must give this some more thought. Stay tuned.

BROLer "willspower3" new Steintrike...NICE looking ride!!

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