Monday, March 25, 2013

Time to Get Away

From last year's Central Coast vacation
It's time to get away and take the family and trike up the Central Coast to Cambria. By no means is it too soon coming...I want a break from riding around my home where the noise of traffic is not an option but a constant reality. Riding the Central Coast during the Spring offers great scenery and minimal traffic.

A quiet street

At home there are quiet stretches of riding and nice rest stops along my normal routes where the din of the traffic can be left behind for awhile but only for awhile. The rest of the time it's the buzz of cars accented every now and then with some character who feels it's funny to gun their engine right beside me and race off. Yesterday my speakers weren't charged so I wasn't able to white wash the traffic noise with my usual tunes, instead I was serenaded with the sound off buzzing engines and altered mufflers on oversize cartoon cars.

A quiet place for a rest

Next week I'll load up the family and my Catrike 700/20 and head up the coast to Cambria just south of Hearst Castle. I'll take a couple of day rides up and down the coast from Cambria while Carrie and the kids take advantage of my absence. 
Central Coast 2012

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