Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fully Suspended Catrike??

I see a fully suspended trike in my future. Will it be a Catrike? 
My email to Catrike:

After purchasing six Catrikes over the last four years I may have to jump ship. I want a fully suspended trike and I'm looking at the HPV Scorpion. Before laying down $$$s I was wondering if Catrike has any plans for a fully suspended Expedition. I can wait if you have one on the drawing board.

Catrike's Response:


It’s great to hear you have been such a great supporter of our products over the years.

Having an internal engineering as well as a research and development department we have many projects in the works and can do anything.  The specifics of what they might be and any release time frame is something that I do not have.  We encourage you to continue monitoring our website and social media for upcoming updates and releases.

Hopefully we’ll keep growing the number of purchased Cats.

Happy trails!

Chaim Goldzal
Am I reading between the lines or just wishful thinking? Contact Catrike if you like the idea of a fully suspended Catrike.

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