Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Trikers Aren't Cyclists?

In the latest "recumbent" edition of Adventure Cyclist magazine Mark Colliton of Bacchetta bicycles said of recumbent trikes in relation to his recumbent bicycles "We're cyclists, not tricyclists." In my book there are bicyclists, tricyclists and a few quadcyclists  but we're all "cyclists".

In the article Colliton acknowledges that he underestimated the growth of the recumbent trike market. He then goes on to, what seems to me, disparage trike riders, "Here's the deal - baby boomers with time and money to come back to cycling are finding they just want to be able to ride and not think about it." He goes on, "They don't have to worry about balance or shifting. Most of them use internal hubs."

Colliton seems to talk down recumbent trikes in the same manner some traditional cyclists talk down all recumbent cycles.

Read the article in Adventure Cycling Magazine and decide for yourself if Mark Colliton of Bacchetta bicycles is less then enthusiastic about trikes.

I got some time on my hands so I'm going to hop on my expensive trike and not think about being on the road with 3000 pound cars buzzing by or worry about leaning into a tight downhill turn at 45 miles an hour. Where's my internal hub!!??

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  1. What a jerk! "Most of them use internal hubs"? Huh? Haven't got my copy yet. Looking forward to it.