Monday, July 22, 2013

Catrike 700 and a Chiropractor

Time to put my neck back on straight.

Last week I was riding my 700 through a construction zone and hit a nasty little elevation change at 25+ mph. The street was being ground down in preparation for an overlay. The sun was in my eyes and I didn't see the abrupt elevation change between the ground down road surface and the original surface. My front wheels (topped off at 140psi) hit first and popped into the air only to be to followed my another jolt from the back wheel. I felt like my spine was driven up into my skull.
I thought I could work my neck back into shape myself...wrong. After a week of discomfort I finally went to my chiropractor who said my neck was messed up. He put me right and I'm feeling better already. A couple more days, some more rounds of icing and some message from my beautiful wife and I'll be as good as new.

WARNING - If you ride a performance trike like a Catrike 700 or ICE Vortex make sure you know a good chiropractor.

On a positive note...if I were riding two wheels I probably would have needed more then a chiropractor to put me back together. Ohhh the fully suspended HPV Scorpion 26fs is looking good right now.

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