Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ditch the Air Brakes

I finally said goodbye to wearing shorts when riding the 700. The only effective way to keep cycling shorts and pants from ballooning and becoming an effective air brake is to keep them in the closet and wear lycra cycling shorts. Problem, you can't go into your LBS (local bike shop) and try them on. The LBS's sell lycra shorts with padding. Online is the best option for finding recumbent lycra cycling shorts but it's a hit or miss option. I  finally hit.

Like the Hummvee shorts I just bought and will still use on slower rides on my Expedition you get what you pay for. Over time I've looked at different lycra riding shorts. After recently returning a pair of lycra shorts that felt more like glorified underwear I decided to spend a little more money, $90 to be exact, to see if paying more can make a difference. It made a difference Boure men's Pro bent shorts  are worth the money.

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