Sunday, July 20, 2014

Catrike 700 "Red" Fender & Rack

Almost done putting my Catrike 700 "Red" together. Waiting on a couple of minor parts to finish.

Tubus Logo Evo rack. The side rails of the rack lean inward at the top bringing the load closer the center line of the trike for better stability. The geometry of the Tubus Evo makes for a super solid rack. 

The fender has only two attachment points and is rock solid tucked under the rack.

No more trunk bag. The top of the Tubus is narrow and does not handle conventional trunk bags. With the Catrike side bags (to be installed) I don't need a trunk bag. My old Arkel Tail Rider ended up full of  useless odds and ends. When I need more room I'll mount Ortlieb front loader (or the larger rear loaders) panniers on the rack keeping the load low on the trike. To Tubus has different size struts you can order that attach the front of the rack to the frame. The struts are attached to the frame with the Catrike rack adapter kit from the Hostel Shoppe

The top of a Tubus rack is typically used to lash down large bags.

The shortened rear fender mounts to the Tubus rack so there are no flimsy struts attached from the frame to the fender. The DiNotte light is attached to the rack and the light's wire is run down to below the seat.

One of two attachment points for the fender. The shortened fender does it's job of keeping spray off my back, it's sturdy and it doesn't get bagged around by sticking out beyond the rack.

The second attachment for the fender is on the frame. The plastic tab on the fender was softened with a torch  and bent to fit properly on the frame.

The 4 cell lithium battery for the DiNotte rear light is mounted on the frame below the seat.

That's all for now more pics coming.

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  1. Hey, Mark! This new build looks great. I'm very interested in how the Tubus is working out. Jodi and I have plans to ride the Great Divide Mtn. Bike Route on our Catrikes, but I'd be pumping them up with bigger wheels/tires. With a 29'er on my Expedition, I was wondering how the Tubus would fit. Looks pretty good. Thoughts? How much clearance do you have?

    Thanks for plugging my new book, too!