Thursday, July 24, 2014

Catrike 700 "Red" Ready to Roll

My new Catrike 700 aka "Red" is ready to roll.

Previous posts related to the "Trucker" build:

My Catrike 700 "Red" is set up for cruising, riding trails and touring. As pictured below, ready to ride with bags, lights and light batteries it weights in at 46 pounds. As a comparison my old Catrike Expedition weighted in at 55 pounds. My Catrike 700 "Black" (my light and fast trike) weights in at 32 pounds (also including bags and lights). The weights do not include tool kits, extra tubes and  personal items. 

 I won't be using a trunk bag so this is the final set up.

I removed the top chain tube allowing for a clean chain line. I don't like the stock Catrike chain tube setup. Catrike attaches the top tube directly to the bottom tube which doesn't allow for independent movement of the chain tubes.

 FSA SL-K Carbon crank. 52/39/26 (I replaced the original 30t chainring with a 26t)

 Lifeproof cradle for iPhone 4s with it's Lifeproof case.

I removed the quick release on the headrest to allow room for the larger tire (37-622) and fender.

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