Monday, July 7, 2014

I Love Trikes

What would I do if I didn't have my Catrikes? Since 2009 the ole bones...ah gee... the whole body seems to have decided to fall apart. My love of hiking is limited to 3 miles. After 3 miles things start getting sore. I remember the days when I use do heavy lifting not only at work but at home. I have long ago retired from construction but I still love to build things, just not such heavy things. Lifting a 100 pound rock and placing it in just the right spot in my garden is no longer an option.
Riding my trikes keeps me alive both physically and emotionally (my heart attack while riding my 700 back in 2011 was not the trikes fault). Where I now have some physical limitations in by activities trike riding sets no limits. I can ride fast and long and pace or past most other riders or just cruise and enjoy having nothing but sky over my head.
I love riding recumbent trikes. Why conform...enjoy life. Who cares who's looking at you. Ride a trike!!

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