Thursday, September 11, 2014

La Conchita Bike Trail

I decided to escape the heat of the Conejo Valley and packed up Red and headed to the coast to explore the new La Conchita Trail. The La Conchita Trail is a 3.5 mile path that parallels Hwy 101 on the coast side just South of Rincon Beach. Up to recently cyclists had to ride on the very busy and noisy Hwy 101 and brave all the big rigs and cars travelling at 70 plus miles per hour. It was a daunting affair to say the least. The noise is still part of the ambiance of the new trail but now you can relax and enjoy the ocean on one side and try not to notice the busy 101 on the other.
The total round trip was 25 miles of flatness starting at Emma Wood Sate Park and ending at Rincon beach. I had a picnic lunch at Rincon park and then went back. The La Conchita Trail is a great short path with nothing but ocean view (if you turn your head the right way). It's not a very wide trail and would have been nice to have some pullouts for us cyclists to be able to stop and enjoy the ocean view without having to block the trail. Even without pullouts it's still a really nice trail. There is only one  minor street crossing and restrooms at the North end of the trail at Rincon Beach.

Starting at Emma Wood Sate Park in Ventura I headed North after saying a rolling hello to a couple of other trikers (I can kick myself for not stopping to talk). My ride started on the Emma Wood Trail.
Mile 0 to mile 1.2 was the Emma Wood Trail.
Mile 1.2 to Mile 8.4 is along Hwy 1 9 (pretty rough pavement for most of the ride).
Mile 8.4 to mile 12.0 is the La Conchita Trail.

One way

 Unloaded and ready to go. I'm parked on a dirt strip just outside the Emma Wood State Park campground.

Emma Wood Trail


RV row along HWY 1 seems to go on forever. It's not bad while I'm headed North. On the way back I get to enjoy the noise and fumes of the generators while I ride along some of these behemoths decked out with satellite dishes, air conditioning.........

 Pump trunks driving by offering to pump out last night's burrito and tequila from your RV holding tank.

 Taking a break and enjoying the view now that I'm past RV row.

 Going under HWY 101 on the way to La Conchita Trail.

La Conchita Trail

 Ocean view on the left.

 HWY 101 view on the right.


 A ramp leading to the beach is the only place to pull off the trail to take a look around.

Rincon Beach Park
 Picnic time

 The ramp leading down to the beach

 La Conchita trailhead at Rincon Beach

Ride over
Packed up and ready to head home


  1. Nice addition to the coast ride, Mark. I've only ridden south of Santa B. once when Jodi picked me up from a long run down from Sonoma County, but that path would have been much appreciated.

    Jodi and Django and I did almost 40 miles yesterday in Tehachapi's first annual Gran Fondo event. Great fun. Maybe you can make it out next year? We'll probably do it on the tandem then. It would be cool to have another triker out there.

    Be well.

    1. I may take you up on the Gran Fondo next year. I'm finally able to start adding a little more mileage and hill climbing to my rides. I'm also looking at doing some event rides over the next year starting with the Solvang Prelude in November. I'm just going to do the 26 mile ride and then spend the rest of the weekend with Carrie eating and drinking wine (or beer).