Saturday, September 13, 2014

New Trike WHPSC Record

From the Trisled Facebook page
"NEW MULTI TRACK WORLD RECORD! With much excitement we announce Gareth Hanks has broken his own world record setting a new speed of 117.38km/h (72.94mph) In his Trisled 'All Overzealous' streamliner!"

FAST TRIKE!! The WHPSC record at Battle Mountain for a bicycle is 83.13mph set by Delft last year and the multi-rack record is now 72.94mph. That's only a 12% difference. Trikes are here to stay!! On the other end of the spectrum the fastest diamond frame bike (limited to UCI regulations as to what defines a "real" bicycle) couldn't even come close to the speed of Trisled's "All Overjealous" piloted by Gareth hanks. You gotta love the speed, stability, comfort and the fun factor of trikes.

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