Monday, September 22, 2014

Solvang Prelude 2014

The Solvang Prelude in the Santa Ynez Valley (So Cal's wine country) November 8th will be my first event ride since 2011 when I did a short ride at the Cool Breeze Century in Ventura on failing hips. That little ride was followed a few months later by a heart attack. During 2012 and 2013 my hips kept fighting me and every event ride I registered for I had to bail out off. Finally after getting new hips in late 2013 (go to Post by Subject and click on Hip Replacements for the sorted details) I've come to the realization that I can commit to event rides again. Not the long century rides but the shorter rides offered at most events.
The Solvang Prelude will be the first event ride I do this year. The Prelude includes a Metric and Half Century and a 26 mile ride. All with a bit of climbing. I'll just do the 26 mile ride. I'm not one to test how far I can go only to end up where I started or worse retrace part of a route I've already done earlier in the day. The Prelude rides do just that, especially on the longer rides. I like new scenery and the beer (or wine) that awaits me at the end of ride.
Next year I have a few more event rides staked out. I contact the event organizer to make sure recumbent trikes are welcome. At first a couple of organizers responded like I was a child wanting to ride my tricycle with all the big two wheeled kids. One organizer said okay but gave me a lecture on how to ride safely with other bikes. Another said to stay out of everyone's way. The Fiesta "something or other" just said no. 
Now my contact with event organizers includes a picture of my Catrike "Black" and word or two about what a big boy I am and how long I've been riding. Responses so far are all positive and the organizers are more then happy to take my registration fee.

Typical email I send out

 Reply from Solvang Prelude

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