Thursday, September 25, 2014

Car Traveling with the 700

My old Expedition lashed to the top of the car
For short car trips I lash my trike to the top of the car. For longer road trips I want the trike inside the car. I needed a better way then just throwing the trike in the car, rear tire first, with the wheel pushing through the front seat and almost touching the dashboard.
Taking the rear tire off provides more room but then the chain hangs loose and the trike has to be propped up so it  doesn't sit on the rear derailleur.
Here's my no cost light weight solution using stuff I already had lying around.

Rear end sits on two small boxes (thank you USPS) duct tapped together and topped with an old inner tube.

 Quick release skewer and an old return idler serve to retain the chain. 

 The skewer rests comfortably on the box.

DIY chain retainer.

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