Thursday, September 4, 2014

California Three Feet of Safety Act

"Three Feet of Safety Act"

 Effective September 16th 2014
Entire text of the new law is here at the California Department of Motor Vehicles 

On the downside of this law (and there is a big downside) the fine for violating the law is a whopping $35. BUT if the car hits you and causes bodily injury (does that include death?) the fine skyrockets to $220.'s a start.

The entire California Vehicle Code relating to bicycles is here  Division 11, Chapter 1, Article 4, Operation of Bicycles. Unfortunately the new Three Feet of Safety Act is not in the section relating to bicycles. It's in the another section here Division 11, Chapter 1, Article 3, Passing and Overtaking. So if a driver cares about bicycle safety and goes to the section Operation of Bicycles and reads about the rights cyclists have and thinks he or she now knows it all...well you know what I'm trying to say.

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